Clutch Replacement & Repair

In Stock Clutches For Passenger Cars and Light Trucks

Our clutch kit prices are very competitive and come with almost 100 years combined experience in the clutch business. With hundreds of clutch kits for auto and light truck we sell component parts also. From a clutch disc or a throw out bearing to slave and master cylinders for passenger cars.We stock many of the switchover clutch kits for diesel pick-ups with dual-mass flywheel for going to the solid flywheel.

All kits are OEM and every clutch is tested for release at our shop before it leaves the store.
We discovered, over the years, even new kits can have defects, and checking each one eliminates a lot of headaches for the final user.
We have several flywheel grinders, and, in most cases, can grind your flywheel while you wait.

Industrial Clutches

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We rebuild all industrial clutches from a wide variety of machines including; power units, wood chippers anything with a clutch, bring it to us.

Brand names we can rebuild include:

  • Funk
  • Twin Disc
  • Rockford

We carry many of the gear toothed discs, brass collars, and miscellaneous links and parts.
If you have a piece of equipment with a clutch, we can repair it.

Industrial Lining and Relining Bands

With a huge inventory of industrial roll lining, ranging from ¼” to 1” thick, we sell any length and are able to reline any band ever made!
We reline bands for anything from an ATV to an ore carrier.

Oval Track Clutches

We custom build circle track racing clutches!
 Our family has been racing since the late 50’s and has discovered very light pressure plates performing with great dependability.
We can work within any rules: stock clutches or any specifications.
We lighten flywheels and pressure plates to get you off the corner faster than your competitor. Lakehead can rebuild any racing clutch (quartermaster etc.). The options are virtually endless on what we can manufacture for your vehicle.

Over The Road Clutches

Clutch is our name!
Lakehead Clutch rebuilds pressure plates on site. We use new discs and have almost every application in stock from 14” to a 15 1/2” VCT, easy petal and standard. Our in-stock clutches have torque ratings from 900-2500 pounds.
We also have a line of new clutches, priced very reasonably, if a core is bad.
We also carry
• pilot bearings
• clutch brakes
We grind flywheels, and, in most cases, while you wait.
Any clutch can be shipped by UPS upon request.

High Performance Clutch Kits

Customers who boost up the horsepower on their vehicles need our in stock pressure plates with a heavier plate load. We build high performance clutches for diesel pick-ups chipped for boosted. We have several disc options, depending on application.
Solid centered & spring centered discs.There are several options on the type of material to put on the discs.

    • Kevlar facings molded into steel backing.
This has proven to be a great clutch for someone who needs more holding power, with excellent drivability.
    • Ceramic button clutches

Works great for street/strip applications. Button clutches come in 4, 6, or 8 paddle versions.

  • Dual friction clutch discs
Double and triple discs depending on the application. From Stage 1 through Stage 6.

We can customize a clutch to your exact needs on any make of vehicle- see if you can stump us, (it won’t happen).

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